Holiday Accommodation

Don't Undersell…

Based in Loch Lomond I work closely with many of the accommodation providers, both in the National Park and beyond. In doing so I have learned how crucial it is that their offering is accurately represented on-line. Many owners worry about over selling and promising, however it's often the reverse that's true, with many underselling their property. 

I always ask a new client what the most common reaction is from their customers. They often say that they hear the words 'it is much better than we expected', which leads you to suspect that they are currently underselling their property. 

Selling The Complete Package

Whether you have a small B&B, self catering cottage, a series of holiday properties, or even a hotel the message is the same - sell the complete package. It's not just facilities and room options, it's the experience, it's someones holiday!

The full package consists of every potential aspect of a holiday experience and of course includes details and photographs of the rooms but just as important is your story, the green credentials, the views, the position, the nearby countryside, the attractions in easy reach, the local pub, the food and drink, the history, heritage, geography, everything in fact just about everything that your customers can enjoy and help to enrich their holiday.

Top 5 Tips for Promoting Your Holiday Business

Obviously you need good photography of your interiors and exteriors.

(1) Using Props

However, a great way of making rooms look warmer and more homely is to use props. This will potential customers to imagine themselves on holiday in your poperty.

(2) Scenic Photographs 

It is surprising how many holiday properties (all over the world) don't have photographs on-line of the scenery on their doorsteps. Make sure to  also include autumn and winter examples, as they will hopefully help to attract interest and enquiries for off season. It's also a chance to show some local wildlife and nature.  We often draw from our extensive library of Loch Lomond landscapes for use on websites and even for wall pictures. 

(3) Things To Do

So you've shown your property, the amazing scenery close by, don't forget though to include examples of some of the things that are to do in the area. Ideally with some good examples of people enjoying them. This helps people to imagine their holiday to be, to give them ideas of what to do and to sell the experience that is available. Again we have a library of examples that can be used. 

(4) Using Video 

We have worked with many accommodation providers in Scotland to showcase their experience on video. This is such a powerful tool, providing an authentic way to showcase your property, focusing on the key selling points.

Here are some examples that we have created for clients and their own unique selling points. For Gardeners Cottages it’s the green credentials and for Ballat Smithy Cottage the excellent location, with close proximity to both Loch Lomond & The Trossachs.

(5) Testimonials 

Finally use your testimonials and positive reviews in your marketing. Play close attention to the words that your customers use, these can inspire the tone and message of your own communication and marketing. Chances are there are more people looking for what your customers have found. Here’s a testimonial of our own, provided by Beth from the wonderful Knockderry Country House Hotel in Cove.


Paul Saunders Marketing can help you with any aspect of your holiday accommodation marketing. We offer photography, video and website development. We can also manage your marketing and social media.

See Loch Lomond

If you are in or close to Loch Lomond & The Trossachs do have a look at our new website See Loch Lomond, it is an extensive guide to the best of Scotland’s first national park. If you are an accommodation provider we will give you a free listing on our directory.



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