Shaping Business Growth

Things Change

When I first start to work with a business and help them with their marketing I am always keen to understand how their business has evolved. Quite often the business owners have been too busy to see the change happen.

Of course the business won’t be unrecognisable from when it started. What tends to happen though is that its customers, along with changing technology, push it in a slightly different direction. This is a good thing and because most businesses are extremely customer focused they will be responsive to their needs. This kind of change can slowly realign the business, bringing growth and sustainability.

Run in the Same Direction

Growth is great, but often business owners and staff, particularly those that have been there from day 1, are still running with the original business philosophy. This might mean that the products and services are being undersold, or pitched to the wrong audience.

My advice is to take some time out and discover why your customers choose you, understand the problems that you’re solving for them and the needs that you are fulfilling.

Once you take stock and review the results you may be surprised just how much the business has evolved. This new found knowledge could help you to better identify and then promote the key USP (unique selling point) for your business.

The trick is to make sure that all of your team and as many people in your market understand who you are and what you do.

Shape The Growth

By understanding the way that the business is evolving to meet customer needs there is an opportunity to shape the growth. Businesses should have a strong strategic plan to ensure that growth is achieved in a sustainable way that allows a clear position in the market.

We help a lot of businesses to better position themselves within their market, if you think we could help you please get in touch.


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