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We use the highly user-friendly Squarespace platform to create powerful and contemporary websites for our clients.  This article introduces Squarespace, explains our reason for using them and offers advice on the process of creating a website using their platform. 

Our website for Duff Trees, Buchlyvie

Our website for Duff Trees, Buchlyvie

Who are Squarespace? 

Squarespace launched in 2004 and is a website building and hosting service, operating worldwide. Their system uses pre-built templates as a starting point, these are highly customisable, using a ‘drag and drop’ system to rearrange layout and add content. 


Our relationship with Squarespace

We are a Squarespace Circle developer and receive useful information about new features and changes. This status comes with 20% off of the price of the first year’s subscription charges for each new website, a saving that we happily pass on in full to our clients. 

Our website, developed for Blue Kinabalu Travel, Malaysia

Our website, developed for Blue Kinabalu Travel, Malaysia

Our Squarespace Portfolio

On our client website page, you can see some more examples of the Squarespace websites that we have created for our clients. As you will see the type of client and sector they are in vary tremendously. 

Company size is also not a barrier, as we have developed websites for micro and multi-million turnover businesses, and of course everything in between. 

Why Squarespace?

We deliberately sought a platform that would be reliable over the longer term, one that was able to adapt to changing technology. We want our clients to have peace of mind that technically their websites will perform effectively and are fully compliant. 

With the technical elements taken care of by Squarespace, our role is to focus on the quality of presentation and content of our client websites. We are passionate about creating websites that help to grow businesses.

Here are some more detailed reasons as to why we became a Squarespace developer.  

A website that we created for Drymen Business Hub

A website that we created for Drymen Business Hub

No plug-ins and coding

Squarespace websites have similar functionality to Wordpress, without requiring plug-ins. Plug-ins generally need updating after a year or so and this can end up being a hidden cost. We like that with Squarespace all of the functionality is included in its one annual fee.

Affordable Websites

The annual costs of running a Squarespace website is very reasonable, often less than web providers charge for hosting. Click here to see their pricing plans

There is an excellent entry level option that is very affordable. For a small additional cost, it can be upgraded to provide limitless pages and premium features. For a website where e-commerce is required there are further facilities available. 

User Friendly Websites

The websites are incredibly easy to update. You could even build one yourself, however by bringing us in we can do all the work for you! Ultimately though you have complete control of your website, its layout and of course content. 

Our website for See Loch Lomond

Our website for See Loch Lomond

24/7 Support 

Squarespace has call centres in Dublin, New York and Seattle. Support is available either by on-line chat, or e-mail. We have found this support to be fast, personal and effective. There is also access via the Squarespace website, to a number of tutorials many of which contain video. 

Naturally we will always be here to provide you with any support that you need. However, it is peace of mind for you to know that you can contact Squarespace directly and receive support, should you need it.  

Mobile Compatible

Typically, over half of all traffic to a website is viewed via mobile. Squarespace websites smoothly re-size to be easily viewable on different devices, such as mobile, tablet or desktop. 

If your website isn’t mobile compatible, then you will be providing its visitors with a bad user experience. Google will actually penalise in search results any website that is not mobile compatible. So, this is a very important consideration. 


Squarespace website effortlessly work with many other on-line systems and features. From embedding a video to your website from You Tube, too connecting Mail Chimp, for email databases, it is very easy to create a rich experience to promote your business. A blog is an excellent way to grow traffic to your site and this can easily be added to your new site. 


On the move you can update your site and check the analytics, including number of site visitors using the free Squarespace apps. If you have an e-commerce site you can see all of your orders and check which stage they are at. This is all really helpful and available for no extra cost.

How it works? 

If you would like us to create a website, we will take a brief and make suggestions for page navigation and functionality. The next stage is for us to create a plan to build the website and populate it with content (we can help with text, video, photography etc.). 

Once you approve your new websites design and content, we will put it live and transfer full control and ownership to you. We will provide you with training and support. Longer term we can also help you to keep the website up to date. 

What are the costs?

There is an annual cost for using the Squarespace platform. This is paid by you directly to Squarespace. Remember we pass on the 20% saving for the first year that we get through our Circle Developer status. 

In addition, there is the cost for us to design and build the site. That will depend on the number of pages and whether you want us to create text/visual content for the website. We calculate the costs on a daily rate and deliver to the agreed budget.  

Why use us? 

We have a strong understanding of the Squarespace platform and are able to create different looking websites, bespoke to the client’s brands and requirements. Our expertise is about positioning and our aim is for each website to be a very clear representation of the business, products, services and unique position in its market. 

We can also create any digital content that is required, such as video, text copy, social media, photography, social media development etc. Clients like that we offer the ‘total solution’. 

What’s next? 

Understandably many people feel a sense of dread when contemplating commissioning a new website for their business. Overwhelmed by different options and choosing where to start. 

Don’t worry we can help, our aim is to create a stand out way for you to promote what you do, to help you to drive forward your business and brand. 

A website we developed for Loch Lomond Coffee Co.

A website we developed for Loch Lomond Coffee Co.


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