Turning Your Passion Into a Business

My childhood careers ambition was to become either a radio presenter, or a photographer. Not very helpfully the school careers teacher told me that I wouldn’t achieve either, I’ve now done both.

I was a freelance radio presenter for a number of years, before becoming a Programme Director. In 2010 I set up my own photography business, this quickly and naturally centred around marketing, as that was my background. But yes both ticked.

I am interested in finding out other examples of people who have turned their passion or hobby into a business. I plan to write an article on the subject for this website and would like to include some stories and advice from others.

Below you will see a form, there are just a couple of questions so It will only take a minute. I hope that the feature will be a useful to those working on new business ideas.

Thanks a lot, Paul Saunders

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Based in Loch Lomond Paul Saunders Marketing works throughout Scotland providing marketing consultancy and digital creative media for businesses, charities and organisations of all sizes. Core services include Marketing Consultancy, Commercial Photography, Video Production, Websites, Aerial Filming, Social Media, Design & Branding and Events. To find out more call Paul on 01360 661029 or get in touch via the Hire Us page.

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