Website Blogging

Your Voice

In this digital world your blog is your voice. It’s the personality of both your website and your brand, it’s the chance to connect with your audience and provide them with valuable information.

Keeping your blog updated will help your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as Google will see that there is being updated with fresh information. We include a blog as standard with each client website that we create. if you don’t have one your website developer will be able to create one for you.

The Reality

We know that keeping your blog, website and social media updated is a time consuming job, a chore for most businesses. Maybe thats’s why we’re asked to write them on behalf of many of our customers!

7 Top Tips for Blogging

Here are a few common sense tips for maintaining a blog for your website.

  1. Keep a notebook to write down potential blog topics as and when the inspiration for them comes to you. Use customer comments and feedback to help influence ideas. What is it they are interested in about what you do? What would they and others like to know more about?

  2. Create good content that is valuable to people. It will of course have to be appropriate for your business, but you don’t need to (and shouldn't) go for the hard sell. Be generous with providing useful information and advice, by all means show how you can provide a solution, or help, but it can be counter productive to over sell what you do.

  3. Taking number 2 into consideration, you still need to show a clear call to action and way to contact your business.

  4. Find existing blogs, maybe similar subject matter, maybe completely different. What do you like/dislike about their content and presentation? This will help to shape your own unique house style.

  5. Once you have established a good house style for blogging try to stick to it. You can maybe standardise your concluding words (Maybe an About Me/Contact section). Try and write as you personally, even if the business employs a number of people. There’s something reassuring about hearing from a real person in this day and age!

  6. Ideally you want to be around 300-500 words, using headings, sub headings and good photography to provide a good layout. Don’t worry about stuffing key words into the comments to help SEO, a well written and on-topic piece will be more successful.

  7. Create a flow for the activity that you need to maintain the blog. Decide on frequency of posts, ensuring that you have a realistic number and then stick to it. Share and promote the blogs on social media. Look at your website analytics to see how many views they are getting. See which blog posts are getting the best reaction and then replicate with similar themes.

Finally keep at! I know that it’s like sticking to a diet or exercise regime, but the rewards (just like the diet and exercise) are worth it.


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