Your Business in 60 Seconds

Less Is More

The old saying less is more is never truer in a digital world. We are all bombarded with messages, and inundated with content to read on-line. Video is of course a proven way of cutting through and gaining attention. Video though has to be relevant and instant to get the maximum exposure, before the viewer moves on.

Defining a Business

Our expertise is taking all of the products, services and messages that a business has and processing them into easy to understand chunks. We then tell the unique story of the business in 60 seconds, or less. Simplifying the message and positioning of the company is a worthwhile exercise in itself. The result is a video to use on your website, social media and You Tube

The Test

Once we have created a 60 second promotional video for a business there is a clear test of its effectiveness. The question is will someone that has had no previous exposure to the business be able to have a clear understanding of what the business does and why they should use it, purely from the video.


Class 1 Travel - Larbet

Igloo Ice Cream - Central Scotland

Thom & Tea - Glasgow

Duff Trees - Buchlyvie

Vapour Blast Scotland - Central Scotland

John Jenkins & Son - Falkirk

If you would like a video produced for your business or charity please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise on different options.


Based in Loch Lomond Paul Saunders Marketing works throughout Scotland providing marketing consultancy and digital creative media for businesses, charities and organisations of all sizes. Core services include Marketing Consultancy, Commercial Photography, Video Production, Websites, Aerial Filming, Social Media, Design & Branding and Events. To find out more call Paul on 01360 661029 or get in touch via the Hire Us page.

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